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MRC is a technology development company that is now developing motor and generator products for specific R&D clients and licensee's.

Our patented technology is applicable in both motor applications and generative applications.


Magnetronics™ is MRC's specific patent protected permanent magnet motor technology. The remarkeable modular patented design, among other benefits, allows for:

Easy scalability

Serviceability without removal of the generator (an industry first)

No laminer core failure

No complex windings

Brushless/sparkless operation

DC and AC applications

Multiple simultaneous output voltages


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MRC 100kW Magnetronic™ Generator


- 100kW
- 20" Diameter
- 32" Long at the shaft

MRC is proud to announce the build of its first pre-production generator. This generator is designed to provide synchronous AC.

The MRC 100kW generator can function in multiple power generation applications including and certainly not limited to:

Wind power
Hydrokinetic power
Gas or diesel powered worksite systems
Neighborhood backup power generation
☑ Commercial power or backup power generation

MRC will be rolling out several other additional prototypes over the next few months. Below are a few pictures of the generator being prepared for testing. Enjoy!

MRC 15x10 Generator Module Loading
MRC 15x10 Generator Spin Test
MRC 15x10 Generator Assembly